Project Updates

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May 28th, 2019: Value Chain Report Publication

E-MAGIN Project: Value Chain Assessment Report published!

The Value Chain Assessment Report #MoneyDeyforBorla report is out now! This report represents one of the first major outputs of the E-MAGIN project. Based on more than 120 data points from qualitative interviews and quantitative rapid assessments, the report delivers an assessment of the current status of e-waste management in Ghana followed by a deep-dive of the value chain in qualitative and quantitative terms. Check it out here.

September 2018

Koforidua Regional Workshop

E-Magin hosted another cross-regional information workshops last week (24-25 September 2018) in Koforidua,Eastern Region, with a programme similar to the Accra workshop. The workshop hosted about 120 participants including repairers, e-waste scrap collectors and dismantlers, fridge repairers and mobile phone repairers from the Districts within the Region. 

 For pictures and further Info on the workshop, visit our Facebook Site.

August 2018

E-MAGIN hosts cross regional workshop in Accra

The E-Waste Management (#emagin) project continues its cross-regional information workshops this week (7-9 August 2018) in Accra, Ghana to prepare stakeholders for the line-up of activities scheduled within the project. The Accra workshop hosted about 100 participants made up of electronic gadget repairers, e-waste scrap collectors and dismantlers from the Volta Region and Greater Accra regions. 

For pictures and further Info on the workshop, visit our Facebook Site.

February 2018

E-MAGIN kick-off event @ the British Council

The E-Magin project launch event was held on the 7-8th of February 2018. During the kick-off event Project Coordinators, Managers and other involved Stakeholders introduced their respective Organizations, as well as giving an overview of the E-Magin Project and the structural composition of the Work Packages. Furthermore, the roles and responsibilities of all project partners were discussed and an initial timeline for implementation of activities was agreed upon.

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