City Waste Recycling

City Waste Recycling (CWR)

City Waste Recycling (CWR) is an award-winning enterprise which offers responsible waste processing for a wide range of waste types from problematic e-waste and batteries to sawdust and plastic. It provides formal employment lifting waste collectors out of the informal sector.

Being among the very few formal e-waste recyclers in Ghana, CWR is working closely with the informal sector through practical training sessions for e-waste collection, dismantling and recycling. Under previous assignments, CWR has developed a number of training materials which are tailor-made to the needs of informal workers (e.g. posters in English and in local languages including Twi and Hausa) and implemented an awareness raising module in local schools. To strengthen the relationship with the informal sector, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the Scrap Dealer Association of Agbogbloshie for receiving electric cables. In addition, CWR is working closely with manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronical equipment (EEE) to receive and export e-waste via an established take-back system. CWR has pioneered a system in which informal collectors are incentivised to channel e-waste towards CWR recycling facility.

Within the E-MAGIN project, CWR will contribute to the successful implementation of the project and will provide major inputs to all WPs of the proposed Action. In particular, it will facilitate interactions with informal workers (WP1, WP2), share expertise for setting up an effective collection mechanism and ensure that the collected e-waste is reaching formal recycling channels (WP3). It will provide additional support for the design of capacity building measures and sessions for training of trainer as well as engagement of MSMEs (WP5).

Phone +233 (244) 315 069
Adress P.O. Box   AC 464, Accra, GHANA